Master Deniz was the owner of a new building yard at Tuzla area for many years and built 12 new buildings until China became irresistable as a source of new buildings. We have learned long before this crisis that shipping is a very fast-changing industry and were ready for this change. We have adopted ourselves as a service and storage center instead of a small shipyard. Our new building’s technical office is working with our agency department to assist technical managers, so they share their experiences for the local environment, choosing the correct and most economical suppliers and workshops. Speaking the same terminology is a great help when providing alternative sources to understand correctly and act promptly during assistance. We know the hidden gems in our area, and our goal is to help managers find them.

Shipyard agency is a completely different service than port agency. Our shipyard office is in Tuzla and serves both the Tuzla and Yalova areas. This office has its own set-up to follow custom clearance for ship repair and guarantee valuable and urgent spare parts to the ship on time and in the most economical way. Our crewing department knows the frequency and hard work necessary to enable the ship crew, technicians and specialists transfer to and from the shipyard and arrange for accommodation.

Daily call to the ship by our engineers helps solve many small but problematic items requested by the ship, and they always keep operators informed about developments. We know the value of every minute.

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