Transit Agency

The Turkish Straits are international waters with unconditional passage for commercial vessels. Because of increased tonnages and ship lengths, maneuvering in the straits now requires additional rules and regulations. The maximum tanker length for passage is regulated by IMO. Tankers up to 300 meters LOA in length can pass, but ships and other floating objects longer than 300 meters, after applying for a permit, can pass under special conditions decided by VTS.

Mastership can accommodate the highest tonnage through the straits and is number one for tankers. Over the past few years, Mastership has communicated with approximately 25 ships or more every day. Authorities give us punctual and correct information. Our offices at Dardanelles and Bosporus follow all ships’ movements concurrently to avoid an unanticipated situation.Time spent waiting in queue may reach nearly 09 days in November and December. The most common factors for such long waiting periods are shorter sunlight time gap in winter and bad weather conditions, especially fog and snow.

Our main asset is correct and punctual action. We always keep ships safe and alert for a smooth passage.Few transit locations in the world compare with the Turkish Straits, where almost all shipping needs can be provided. such as crew changes, cash and document delivery, spare parts, class and surveyor attendance and, most importantly, bunker and all kinds of supplies.

While focusing on safety and rapid passage, all these additional services can be provided directly to masters, owners and charterers.

Our shore-side office is located on the front line, with immigration and customs, which cuts down on bureaucracy.

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