Port Agency

Port Agency

Mastership has offices at all major Turkish ports and terminals, and focused on delivering accurate highly-quality port agency services. Providing service surely higher than basic industry standards. Mastership guarantees that each port call handles with care and attention by experienced shipping staff. The staff doing everything to serve the master of the ship, the owners and charterers with a direct, transparent approach. Charterers enquiring for the fastest operation and correct documentation or operators also look for husbandry assistance. Mastership’s staffs are ready to meet needs of owners and charterers, day and night through the local offices or through the head office, which is staffed around the clock, operating 7/24.

Tanker agency is a very fast turning port agency, mostly starts and finishes in 24 hours, and a special job, our long years of experience as terminal agents for many Turkish terminals is Mastership’s main asset.

Employees in Mastership are well trained about the technical details and operational rules of every terminal they worked for and always assist both the Ship Master and the terminal side with correct and on time information.

Mastership’s attendance at more than 700 tankers’ port call agency is main source of the experience, and helps to understand each and every terminal in Turkey. Being in the terminal gives chance to receive any information within minutes, with drawings and regulations applied at that particular port/terminal.

Constant development in the relevant areas is also affecting the terminals, capacities and operational regulations daily. As a charterer or owner you can get the latest and most accurate information about ports from Mastership.