About Us

Master Deniz Acenteligi A.S. (Mastership) is the most well -known ship agency in Turkey. Ongoing motto is “Serving better than Principal’s expectations.” The company was founded in 1985 by Mr. Celal Akata and Mr. Fedon Findikoglu following their 10-years’ working experience with a major Turkish shipowner.

To outperform other agents, it is essential to know much more than the agency business; agents also need to consider the owner and operator’s perspective. The founders, who were ship operators for many years, used their own capital, put together a well-trained team and offered flexible, responsive and responsible services for 30 years.

Mastership always values local knowledge and flawless cooperation with terminals, ports, and refineries in order to build trust. Mastership management and high quality standards provide excellent services to clients.

In Turkey some ports and terminals owners use Mastership services for their shipping lines.

Because rules, regulations and market values are evolving constantly, Mastership principal is to provide the highest level of services. Flexibility enables Mastership to offer “made to order solutions” for each case. Mastership always aims to have the most efficient operations, with cost-effective solutions for customers.

The alterations in shipping industry and management have led to the sharing of ship operations with commercial operations teams. Furthermore, Mastership does not believe in same recipe for each case, to follow up the changes and share the same values with them, a personal touch is the indeed solution. The staff of Mastership are highly educated, and take time to meet regularly with current and future principals, updating themselves about their needs and creating a great work environment can boost their encourage motivation.

By utilizing the opportunity of its own offices, Mastership serves all major Turkish ports for tankers, dry-cargo ships, gas carriers and car carriers, 24 hours a day every day.