About Us

Master Deniz Acenteligi A.S. (Mastership) was founded in 1986 by Mr. Celal Akata and Mr. Fedon Findikoglu following their long-standing industry experience as ship operators with a major Turkish shipowner. Since Mastership’s foundation, it became the best-known ship agency in Turkey. The ongoing motto is “Serving better than Principal’s expectations.”

To excel in the shipping agency business, it is essential to be knowledgeable thoroughly in the shipping industry; agents also need to consider the ship Owner’s and Operator’s perspectives. The founders, who were ship operators for many years, used their capital, put together a well-trained team and they have been offering flexible, responsive and responsible services since 1986.

Mastership always values local knowledge and flawless cooperation with authorities, terminals, ports, and refineries in order to build trust. In Turkey, several port and terminal owners appoint Mastership as their Agent, which is a confirmation of local trust.

Since the rules, regulations and market values are evolving constantly, Mastership’s policy is to provide the highest standard of services while adapting to the changing dynamics. Flexibility enables Mastership to offer “made-to-order solutions” for each case. Mastership always aims to have the most efficient operations, with cost-effective solutions for it’s Principals while providing customized solutions for each and every case.

The staff of Mastership is formed from highly trained professionals with industry experience and they are in continuous development in order to stay up to date with market developments. They are in close contact with Principals to acknowledge current needs and build strong relations.

By utilizing the opportunity of having local offices, Mastership serves at all major Turkish ports for tankers, dry-cargo ships, gas carriers and car carriers, 24 hours all year long.