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As Master Marine Agency A. Ş., to provide our customers with a better service every day in international standards of maritime is the basis of our quality policy in our shipping agency activities,.

Our Goals;

  • By meeting the demands and expectations of our customers on time and with an everincreasing service understanding, "To Provide Better Service Than The Customer Expectations",
  • To ensure that our competitiveness and profitability are increased by the continuous improvement and development of our Quality System and Processes, which we have established in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard,
  • To continuously increase the satisfaction of our customers and employees with a customer and process management oriented administration approach,
  • To enable the continuous development of the personnel by providing the appropriate resources and conditions,
  • To ensure that they supply products / services and their continuous development in line with our quality standards by establishing effective communication with our suppliers and managing the evaluation processes effectively,
  • To raise awareness of employees about work safety and health by complying with the standards set forth by the current work safety and health legislation,
  • To ensure pre-determination and elimination of dangers by making timely and accurate risk analysis,
  • To continuously improve the activities related to work safety and health by meeting the resource needs determined regarding work safety and health in a timely and complete manner.

We undertake that the items specified in this policy will be implemented, understood at every level of the organization, and its effectiveness will be reviewed periodically.

Celal Çınar AKATA
Chairman of the Board