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Starting from March 15th 2021, all airlines require from all passengers to complete health declaration form whose flights are destined to Turkey.
Please pass below link to our crew members. The link must be submitted at least 72 hrs prior to departure:


Master Maritime Agencies Co. Inc.
Istanbul Port Office
Sumer Mahallesi
3.Sokak 26A Zeytinburnu
Postal code 34015

Office Phone : +90-212-251 97 57
A.O.H. Phone : +90-534-381 16 65 - Mr Erkan Birinci
Email :


  • As of September 01st, all direct flights from Brazil, South Africa, Nepal, and
    Sri Lanka to Turkey have been suspended. Visitors who have been in those countries in the last 14 days are subject to present negative "PCR" test results
    taken in a 72 hour window prior to departure of Turkey flights. Also, they
    will be quarantined in Turkey for 14 days after arrival.
  • As of September 01st,  visitors arrive from any other countries, except above mentioned countries, are to be excluded from PCR test requirement and quarantine if their vaccinations had been done at least 14 days before or they
    had overcome Covid-19, and their treatment had been completed in the last 6 months. If their vaccinations' full doses have not been completed, again
    PCR test will be compulsory, taken within 72 hours of their arrival.

  • Visitors/passengers arrive from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan who have been in those countries within last 14 days are subject to present negative "PCR" test result taken in 72 hour window prior arrival and, also they will be quarantined in Turkey for 14 days after arrival.  
  • This does not apply to: ( since 4th September )
    Passengers holding a negative PCR test result obtained within 72 hours prior to arrival and,
    holding proof they have received 2 doses of a Covid-19 vaccine which approved for use by
    the world health organization (one dose only for Johnson & Johnson) and at least 14 days
    have passed from the last dose; or

  • Seamen are exempted from PCR test requirement for embarking & disembarking at Turkish ports & Straits

    For Off signers and Joiners PCR test station available @ Airport and giving results within max 4 hours. Subject owners or airline requirement PCR test will be arranged

  • As of 1st Sept all domestic flights are require PCR test or Vaccination certificate
  • Flights destined to Greece require complete vaccination at least 14 days, or a PCR test taken within 72 hours before boarding. PCR tests can be applied at Istanbul airports, and their results come out in 4-5 hours. Also, the application form in below link is imperative:
  • According to the decision taken by Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), effective from 28 November 2020, All Filipino seamen traveling to/from the Philippines are required to download and register to the “TRAZE” application through mobile phones. Please check the link: