AST Petrol AS (Former Master Petrol AS) owned by Mastership.

MT Antemiz, bunker barge, has been chartered by one of the largest bunker suppliers in Turkey.

In the meantime, Mastership decided to be in close contact with the industry of bunker and set strategy to be a part of bunker supplier and barge operators. Mastership also have the license of Marine Lube Oil supply and have availability to get all types of Marine Lube Oil grades by short notice.

In transit passages through Bosphorus, bunkering and Lube Oil transfers have no extra charges to owners. In addition to that transitions provide 48 hours of free anchorage.

Being a part of Bunker community and Barge fleet, Mastership always follows the trends of suppliers from head to toe at all possible locations in Turkey.

Mastership keeps the license to operate as a Lube oil supplier and may provide prompt Lube Oil delivery.


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